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When Does a Garage Door Open by Itself

12/01/2013 Back To Blog

If you search in the web you can find several peculiar incidents that relate to garage doors like the one that a garage door opener was working without anyone pressing the remote control. Of course, there are only a few such cases reported in Massachusetts since they are isolated cases of problematic garage doors.

Are you sure it’s not the candid camera?

Most of these incidents you can watch on television or in the internet are pranks. Thus, if you see your garage door moving by itself, you would want to make sure that no one in your family is joking with you before you go ahead and call a garage door company.

There is something wrong with the electricity

The fluctuations of the electric power, especially during a storm, may affect the way openers perform and behave, and cause inexplicable phenomena. Of course, you must check the wires and cables for possible wearing, but this is a rather rare phenomenon.

Mistakes with remote controls

The buttons of remote controls are very sensitive and we can easily press them by mistake, especially if we carry them in our pockets. At older days, the simple remotes could open your neighbor’s garage door, but today it’s unlikely to happen unless you both press your garage door clicker at the same time. Nowadays, the remotes have rolling codes technologies that don’t leave room for such mistakes.

There is always an explanation

Even if nothing of the above happened, but still your garage door opened by itself one nice morning, there is surely a good explanation. If you inspect your garage door and still don’t find anything out of place, you should call one of the garage door companies in Maynard to check the sensors and other parts of the mechanism. They will be able to explain the mysterious movements of your door.

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