Garage Door Repair Maynard
Garage Door Repair Maynard
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Garage DoorLet us know what is wrong with your overhead door and we will fix it! Our garage door repair services are based on experience accumulated over many years and excellent understanding even of the most advanced technologies used at present. Whether you require emergency spring replacement or opener remote repair, count on us to do the job in the shortest time. Our technicians use only the finest spare parts and the most advanced tools for delivering exceptional results. When an automatic door system has come to the end of its useful life, we will replace it with a new one that meets the customer's requirements precisely. Reach us by phone or directly online to receive professional assistance.

With such a wide variety of businesses and homes in Maynard, a reliable garage door service is vital in supporting the community’s garages. Garage Door Repair Maynard serves as a residential garage door service that extends same day garage door service repair to its residents. On top of on-call services, Garage Door Repair Maynard also offers:

  •     Broken garage door spring service
  •     Professional garage door service
  •     Liftmaster service
  •     Genie service
  •     Garage door maintenance service

The certified and licensed contractors at Garage Door Repair Maynard are local so they are knowledgeable about the community and committed to helping neighbors. Each technician is well versed in working with all three types of garage drive motors, which are:

  •     Chain drives: use metal chains to operate the door on the track. They are the least expensive garage door opener so they are very popular, but they can be quite noisy. The noise is reduced when they are installed in detached garages, but they are not ideal for attached garages or those with overhead rooms or apartments.
  •     Screw drives: run along threaded steel rods. They have few moving parts so they are low maintenance, but work best in climates where the summers are winters do not reach extreme temperatures.
  •     Belt drives: run on rubber belts. They are virtually silent so many people want to invest in them to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of their homes, but they cost more than other options.

Trust Garage Door Repair Maynard to be your number one garage door service.

Contact us for emergency services, minor repairs, replacements, installations, or for maintenance. It’s important to have your garage doors regularly serviced with lubrication and adjustments to keep them in working order, which saves money in the long run.

Don’t neglect your garage doors; without proper care from the experts, they won’t last forever.

Garage Door Repair Maynard

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