Garage Door Repair Maynard
Garage Door Repair Maynard
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The right spring tension

On a fairly regular basis our technicians help consumers tighten their screws. The first step is to pull the cable right through the plate door. Ensure that it is re-tied at the end. Move the tension force until you feel that it is able to handle the door but not too tight that it causes damage.

Use a non-sticky product for lubrication

The professionals of our company explain that a sticky lubricant attracts dust, dirt and insects to the moving garage door parts. In this way, it can cause malfunctioning. Choose a non-sticky product recommended by your door's manufacturer and apply a thick layer of it. Do not use too much.

When to replace garage door opener

You may start to notice the doors of your garage not opening when you need them to or are more difficult to open in general. This generally happens about eight years after your opener has been installed. Most openers do not last longer than 10 years and will need replacing.

Garage Door Repair Maynard

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