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Troubleshooting Loose Garage Door Parts

04/25/2014 Back To Blog

If you hear scarping sounds or the garage door does not move properly up and down, the issue may have to do with loose hardware. This type of issue is fairly common given the great tension associated with the movement of the door. The good news is that you can resolve it fairly easily even if you are not a specialist in garage door repair. Find out how to do it safely and properly.Garage Door Service


Easy Steps for Excellent Results

As part of overhead garage door maintenance, you have to check the screws on the plates which hold the spring. Tighten them, if needed. Clean them if they have gotten a bit rusty. A citrus-based solvent will do an excellent job without causing any kind of side effect.


If you have a commercial or residential roll up garage door, you have to check the hinges which hold the panels together and ensure that they are not loose. Tightening should be done while the door is done so that the risk of an accident is lowered to the very possible minimum. You may want to disengage the garage door opener just to be on the safe side.


The parts of the garage door tracks get misaligned from time to time. This is because the bolts which hold them in place get loose. When the tracks are misaligned, you may hear scraping sounds which are produced due to the friction between the tracks and the rollers. It is also possible for the door to get stuck while travelling down.


The only thing which you have to do in order to align the tracks properly again is to tighten the bolts. Just make sure that they are not too tight as this may also cause misalignment. If the problem is not resolved, you have to inspect the tracks for bending. If this is the case bent garage door track repair must be made.

When the screws and bolts get rusty or damaged, they have to be replaced.

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